About Us

Learn more about Skyfallen and how it came to be.
About Us

At Skyfallen IT means innovation technology because with innovation comes information

At Skyfallen, we believe that innovation must lead us when developing something. We never aim for profit because we know that profit won’t make us better. All of our projects are open-source and open for humanity to innovate with. We have never gone outside this route and never will.

Skyfallen will always keep innovative and open to anybody.

Profits will never be a part of us.

How We Started

Skyfallen started as small idea that was originally a website in Turkish that would teach people technology and programming.

Our Mission

Skyfallen is an organisation dedicated to teaching people technology and programming no matter who you are.

What we have done

After the first attempts on the establishment, we decided to go global and got the current name of Skyfallen 3 years ago, just one year after the establishment in 2016.

What We Make

Skyfallen Developer Services

App Center

A Simple platform with an intuitive API built for you to get rid of the hassle of managing app tokens for authorization and similar purposes.

Skyfallen ID

Provide your users a simple hassle-free login experience that simplified and consistent across many platforms.

Updates Console

Allow your users to update their app instances with ease while you manage your app versions and change-logs simply.

Tamako Chat API

An awesome AI powered chat app that you can integrate with just a few lines of simple code. It is completely free and even better the the digital assistants out there.

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